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Your business model in record time

Supernova offers you the right model for your business with products, prices and cost structures already integrated.

Sound financial assumptions

Sales prices, wages, costs and margins are pre-filled by our algorithm, you just have to validate them

So easy to use

We guide you step by step in the validation of your assumptions and in your final report writing with intelligent proposals

More than 20,000 entrepreneurs trust us

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I was convinced by the simplicity of the application that allows you to carry out your business quickly without having advanced notions in finance or accounting. The recommendations are relevant, which allows us to go all the way and have a solid report to present to our partners. Thank you Supernova !
Immediately seduced by the platform and the finance approach accessible to all ! No need to focus on how we are going to carry out the business plan, we are focused on our business and its multiple possibilities. The huge plus, the advice with Damien, a constructive exchange and an impression of ease for a finance novice !! Thank you
Jean-Marie BONNET
Excellent platform, the deliverables are of a very good quality. This gives you a very quick idea of the profitability of a project.

Financial intelligence at your service

How many products / services to sell to be profitable ? What level of margin ? How much expenses ? What amount asking to banks or investors ?

Consistent assumptions from the first round

In Supernova, sales prices, wages, costs and margins are pre-filled according to the average competitive ratios in your industry

Diagnosis and advice

With Supernova, your forecasts are analyzed and you get advice to improve your performance and build a convincing business model for investors or bankers

A simple and intuitive tool

Supernova prioritized ease to use interface. Everything has been designed to allow our users to experiment the business model in a simple and seamless way

Save time and money

Doing my forecast by myself on a spreadsheet or using existing templates ? Call on a professional ?

...This will cost you time and money, two fundamental resources for any business

Build a professional forecast within 30 minutes

In Supernova, for each step of the business model, you get proposals to inspire you, based on professional standards in business model, you save valuable time

Keep focus on what count : your job

With Supernova, you are not polluted by technical issues and a complex interface, you can focus on purely operational assumptions, we translate them into figures

Understandable language

In Supernova, all analysis and advice are expressed in a language understandable by human beings 😉, useless to know on the fingertips all financial concepts

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A convincing professional report
for banks and investors,
automatically pre-filled

Strategy, financial statements, amount to loan or ask to becomes a child’s play with Supernova

A presentation of the strategy page with messages as proposal examples

Financial statements and comments automatically

Thanks to Supernova, you don’t need to worry about the financial statements, they are generated automatically in your report, as well as the main comments (break-even point, financing plan, etc...)

The editor: end of the blank page

The editorial part of a business model is often tedious : Supernova solved this problem by offering intelligent proposals for each of the steps (strategy and means, competitive advantages, commercial policy), based on best practices, that which will convince your interlocutors


You can export your report to .pdf or .doc if you want to edit or delete data.

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✅  Assisted entry of business plan
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✅  Export of formatted document
✅  Automatic financial statements
✅  Invite partners


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✅  Work simultaneously with your contractors (5 users per business plan)
✅  Tool for monitoring the progress of each project
✅  Advanced financial indicators
Our customers support from 5 to 50 000 entrepreneurs per year.
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